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I am a licensed aesthetician who cares about the wellness and relaxation of my clients. I like to provide more than superficial beauty (but it doesn't mean that I don't like nail art and designs). I work out of my home (walkout basement with separate entrance for clients) so there is no unnecessary cost added except high standards of safety precautions and quality products. For availability & pricing call me @ (9056)621-6050- (905)728-2080 or e-mail me at aestheticsbymaha@aol.com

Monday, October 17, 2011

what should you look for in a waxing service?

-make sure that the service giver is a licensed aesthetician so that she is well trained and experienced.
- she is using a high quality product.
- using disposable tools or manufactured to be sterilized.
-Using gloves.
- she avoids double dipping in waxing because it is contaminates the wax, which makes it totally unsanitary
Unfortunately there are lots of services outside that are not safe and it is your own responsibility to choose what is right for you.

I am Licensed Aesthetician who works at the comfort of your own home for a competetive price.

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